Podcasts are the ideal way to build trust and deep connection with a specific group of people – and now there are opportunities for podcast advertising and podcast sponsorship in the Singapore market thanks to Podcasts Singapore and Gorilla Voice Media.

Going forwards – brands, media agencies can access our expertise in the podcasting area to develop podcast advertising, podcast sponsorship and branded podcasts that meet your specific goals.

We do this through our relationships across the podcasting world – whether with Singapore based podcast, Asia Pacific niche podcasts – or global shows.


Podcast listeners get to know and trust a podcast host in a unique way – in part because podcast hosts are often experts in their field – and when a host listens to an individual host over dozens (or hundreds) of episodes they’ve given a significant mind-share to the direction and opinion of this host.

Think about it – a typical podcast listener may set aside 40+ hours annually to learn from a favourite podcast host and their show. And unlike a typical radio show, podcasts are often full of advice and recommendations focussed on a very specific niche. So in reality, many podcast fans take more advice and recommendations from podcasts and podcast hosts than from anyone else in their life.

Podcast hosts will consider promoting products or service they love if they think their audience might have a similar appreciation. This matters, because it means when a podcaster makes a recommendation or puts a brand or person in the spotlight, it is a genuine and trusted signal to listeners.

If you’d like to discuss a potential partnership, drop us an email or call the Gorilla Voice office today. We can make arrangements not only for the podcasts listed across our own network covering Singapore, Asia Pacific and the world, but across a huge range of other podcasts locally, regionally and globally. This comes through our longstanding relationships with the podcasting community since we began building podcasts in 2011.